Astonishing Cappadocia

You’ve very likely already seen images of Cappadocia.  They are often used in those “Visit Turkiye” promotions – usually featuring dozens of hot air balloons in the air above an alien landscape.

The thing is, the landscape of Cappadocia is truly quite unlike any other. In fact at first sight, I found it a little difficult to take in what my eyes were seeing and to make sense of the weird and strange shapes. The term “otherworldly” came to mind. 

The geology of Cappadocia stretches back about 60 million years, but it’s basically the product of tectonic uplift, ash from volcanic activity and millions of years of weathering and erosion.

I based myself in the town of Goreme, staying in one of the “cave hotels” before visiting the UNESCO World Heritage listed Goreme National Park. And of course I visited the must-see Kaymakli Underground city – begun at least 1600 years ago by early Christians – digging underground to find a way to survive and escape attack in such a heavily contested part of the world.  (The underground city was used up until the 1920’s – when the Christian Greeks were finally forced to leave).

I found my visit to Cappadocia to be completely awesome and shot this video as a way to share why.

It is an astonishing place to visit. 

PS The Music in the video is:

1. Movement 1 – (Beginnings) – by Andrew Thomas Wilson

2. The Cheshire Cat – by Not Drowning, Waving

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