Love letter to Barcelona

This video is a short love letter to Barcelona.

I made it to capture some of my experience of living in the city on and off over several years.

Before I first came to Barcelona, I wasn’t really aware of it as anything other than a dot on a map, somewhere in Spain. In fact, before the 1992 Olympics, I wouldn’t have been too sure where exactly to place that dot.

But having been lucky enough to live here for a little while, I’ve come to appreciate what an amazing and special city it is.

Barcelona’s history is full of challenges and contradictions, and while some aspects of its past are very dark, the city seems to have a deep and enduring vein of resilience and optimism – and humour. This is probably why it has been able to endure and overcome so many setbacks. Like the rest of the world, Barcelona and Europe are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s one thing to visit any city as a tourist for a day or three, but it’s a very different experience to live there and get to know it – even as a foreigner. And while to a foreigner, the politics of Barcelona and Catalonia can often seem confusing and complex, somehow this city always transcends its contradictions.  

This video has optional subtitles in either Spanish or English.

You can view this video in full screen High Definition on the Happy Logic YouTube channel

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