If Australia was in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be much further south than you might expecthttps://www.happylogic.online/

Australia’s latitude in Perspective

If the Southern Hemisphere was in the North, where on the map would you be?
Busan BridgeIan Allen

South Korea – Remarkable and Surprising

There's a lot more to South Korea than K-pop and technology. It's also home to an ancient and resilient culture, fiercely proud of its identity.
Uchisar Castle in CappadociaIan Allen 2023

Astonishing Cappadocia

The landscape of Cappadocia is so unusual that at first sight it is quite difficult for your mind to take in what you are seeing.
The AcropolisIan Allen 2023

What to expect when you visit the Acropolis of Athens

it’s a fine balance between protecting and not rebuilding… when you are dealing with an architectural treasure in an earthquake zone..
The Library at Ephesushappylogic.online

Turkiye’s amazing ancient city of Ephesus

Rediscovered almost 600 years after it had been abandoned, Ephesus is one of the great UNSECO treasures of the world.
Replica Karaka-class ship entering port of DubrovnikIan Allen 2023

Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic

The part of Dubrovnik that most fascinated me was its completely intact city walls – almost 2 kilometres long - which are open to the public
Ukranian children dancing in Prague Old Town SquareIan Allen 2023

Snapshot of Prague – Spring 2023

Something like 6-8 million people visit each year. It can become very busy. This video was shot in the less busy Spring - a "shoulder" part of the tourist season.
The Rousanou MonasteryIan Allen 2023

Why Meteora in Greece is such an interesting place to visit.

Astonishing geology. Astonishing human endeavour. Not on the standard Greece to-see list, but don’t miss it if you have the opportunity
Inside the Hagia SophiaIan Allen 2023

Visiting the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

It’s one of the great buildings of the world, both in terms of its architecture and its amazing history
In the fjordIan Allen

What it’s like to do “Norway in a Nutshell”

I loved the sensational beauty of the fjords.