Climbing the Pulpit in Norway

Norway is famous for its fjords.

One of them, Lyseefjorden, is well known for a sheer 600 metre cliff that overlooks it.

The cliff is called Preikestolen – which translates as “The Pulpit

The easiest path to The Pulpit begins inland, starting already 220 metres above the fjord’s water. There’s still a further 380 metre climb to get to the top, and it’s not that far – just 4 kilometres up and 4 kilometres back. But because of the ascent and descent it’s wise to allow yourself a comfortable 4-5 hours. 

Much of the path is made of small granite boulders, so you need to be mindful of your footing. This is not a good place to sprain or twist an ankle.

In good weather you’ll see lots of people on the path.

Each year over 300,000 people make their way up to The Pulpit.  Most of them do it in the summer months – so it can be very busy, especially in good weather.

I didn’t mind the fellow climbers. We were all here for the same reason – to reach The Pulpit and enjoy that fabulous view.

People of all ages make the climb, even parents carrying babies on their backs.  I was surprised by the number of people who came with their dogs! (All on leashes)

If you search online you’ll find some of the guides describe this climb as “moderate”. I think that’s fair.

You do need to have agility on your feet and a certain level of fitness. Even so, there’s no way I’d want to do this hike in the rain – let alone think about snow!…

I made the video (best on fullscreen) using a couple of action cameras. The footage is fabulous, but bear in mind that some moments look a lot scarier than they felt at the time. That said, there is no way I would recommend this hike for anyone who has issues with vertigo.

When you arrive at The Pulpit, the drop to the water below is a sheer 600 metres. 

There are no safety fences or barriers. 

The Norwegian authorities say they can’t fence in all of Nature.

I can but agree.

Some useful links:

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(A very good blog account of doing the climb with kids)

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