Interactive technology at Las Arenas, Barcelona

This simple video is a story about how interactive technology is not only for the world of computers and the internet.

Too many of the pundit/advocates about our digital future conflate “digital” with “online” and “virtual”. 

But in the non-virtual world, (which is otherwise known as the real world), digital technology is also being employed to great advantage.

Barcelona’s Arenas shopping mall has a digital interactive floor as its centrepiece. It’s a simple idea, and extremely well executed. It’s become a smash hit with customers – whether adult or child. Personally, I was delighted and enthralled when I first saw it, and for me it’s become a very attractive reason to “pop-in” to Las Arenas for a look, whenever I’m in the neighbourhood.

All over the world, traditional retailers are suffering from competition with online stores, and while their online competitors may have lower cost overheads, the traditional retailers are learning to compete by offering shopping experiences unique to the physical world – experiences that the online world simply cannot match. 

Reports of the death of “bricks and mortar” retail stores are way too premature. 

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