In the days before traffic lights…

If you’ve been to Vietnam you’ll likely remember how daunting it can be to simply cross the street – even at a pedestrian crossing!

But spare a thought for the collision-avoidance skills of the riders and drivers who manage to get by without the use of traffic lights…

This mesmerising video is of the intersection leading onto the Truong Tien Bridge in Huế.

It was shot in April 2009, while I was staying at Huế’s Saigon Hotel. I’d become completely fascinated by the traffic behaviour in the intersection below my window. The video is only for a minute or so, but in the hours I spent watching this scene, I never saw a single collision!

(That said, Vietnam does have a terrible road toll – but this particular intersection doesn’t appear to be a contributor).

I shot the video with a simple point and shoot camera, the Casio Exlim Ex-Z850, which was surprisingly capable for a low cost digital camera in its day…

(Of course, the best camera is the one you have when you need one..)

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