South Korea – Remarkable and Surprising

How much do you know about South Korea? 

You’ll likely be familiar with tech names such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG and Kia. Or  perhaps Gangnam style K-pop or Oscar winning Korean movies such as Parasite.  But what is it about this small Asian nation that generates its so distinctive energy?

And how has this small nation, geographically sandwiched between powerful neighbours such as China and Japan, not only managed to survive but to create its own unique language and culture?

Since a very brutal war in the 1950’s, Korea has been divided into North and South. Even now, the North is not an easy place to visit, while the South is completely welcoming. One thing you quickly learn when you visit, is that Korean culture and identity is not only ancient and resilient, but something its people are fiercely and deservedly proud of.

I visited South Korea as part of an organised tour, but I was glad I did, because it took me to parts of the country I never could have discovered by myself.

I’ve shared some of the moments and insights with the above video. It’s shot in HD and looks great on a big screen.

I hope you enjoy it.

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