If Australia was in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be much further south than you might expect

Australia’s latitude in Perspective

If the Southern Hemisphere was in the North, where on the map would you be?
Ian Allen 2012

Dr Karl, Twitter and the Camino de Santiago

The story about a medieval pilgrimage and an iphone and why Dr Karl became Twitter's @doctorkarl
DJI Mavic MiniIan Allen 2020

My First Drone

You only need to look at the video to understand the appeal of shooting aerials, but there are some caveats with these new drones.
Osmo Pocket camera and GibraltarHappylogic Online

Gibraltar with a DJI Pocket camera

/ (Above video has captions in both…
Arriving in

A voyage to Antarctica

An excellent primer on what to expect on an Antarctic voyage.

In the days before traffic lights…

Mesmerising short video of the traffic-light free intersection leading onto the Truong Tien Bridge in Huế, Vietnam.