The White village & Saltillo Gorge

Imagine if you came up with a new technology that was carbon neutral, completely renewable and capable of providing a community with all the food and water it needed, probably forever. The only catch is that this is 1,000 years ago – and that in order to make it work, you have to convince people to risk their lives on the dangerous task of carving a channel around the cliff edges of a mountain – by hand!

Well, congratulations – someone actually succeded at doing exactly that!

Take a hike to a beautiful white village in the south of Spain near Malaga, and then follow the irrigation channel that was carved around the side of that mountain 1,000 years ago – when this part of Spain was called “Al-Andalus”, and was under Islamic rule.

The irrigation channel is still in use today.

I shot this HD video with the original DJI Osmo Pocket. It was the perfect camera to take on a hike such as this, and the quality of the audio was surprisingly good. I’d used this camera before before in my Gibraltar video – but I was still testing and experimenting with this amazing little camera when I took it on this hike.

If you are near Malaga and are interested in this experience, here’s how to find it online:

You can also organise it via airbnb experiences, which is how we came to find it:

[This video has optional subtitles in English]

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